Tests Attention!

This is a test page.

This is just another test page.


A nice test page.

> This is indeed a nice page.
— Me

More testimonials:

> wow
— Doge, Doge World, 2016/08/16
> This greatly interests me
— Anonymous
> Creating websites such as these is a rewarding hobby.
— Person quoted, lol
> Text quote
— Person quoted
> Text quote
— Person quoted, Here, Now
> Please do not include me in your wall of text!
— A shy guy, Undisclosed

Quote box version 2:

> This is a test.
> This is another test.
> Text quote
— me, here and now
> Text quote
> Text quote
— some hero
> Am I cool now?
— some dude or dudette, I don't know
> Alright, this is the last line, except it isn't.
— Me, This very page on this very wiki
> THIS is the last line.
— Me again, Sandbox Wiki