This is a test to see how well I've designed a custom infobox for my Wikia site.

Shovel of Sandbox Digging
The closest picture on this wiki to a shovel without uploading a new one
Proficiency Digging
Initiative -6
Preparation thrown
Payload one, itself
Preparation thrown
Reload Time However long it takes to walk over to where you threw it
Loading Strength I don't know, maybe like six?
Range Increment 10 feet
Half Damage / Maximum Range Or thirty feet, depending
Attack +2
Parry +3
Damage Type hacking and smashing
Damage 1D4+1
Weapon Features Custom-grip
Special Hopefully this works
Handle D-shaped
Size Two feet, one pound
Load light

I'd say that I paid attention to the 'how to infobox' instructions well enough.

I'm quite glad that this wiki is here. I might be doing a whole bunch more here in the Sandbox.