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Inexpensive Kenyan Top Bar Hive .

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It is possible to make a Top Bar Hive from an old pallet. Spend an hour with a bolster chisel, lump hammer and crowbar carefully taking the pallet apart, then denail all the pieces of wood. You then should have, depending on the type of pallet several lengths of 2cm thick x 10cm wide boards at 110cm long plus 3 thicker beams.

Select the six best boards to use for the sides and 3 more for the ends. Rip a couple of boards down the middle to use as strengthening battens. Screw 3 battens to each side. Cut the end pieces to length into 6 x 48cm pieces. Then screw strengthening battens to the ends. Screw it all together and nail on a two further boards for the floor. Drill entrance holes.


$1 Kenyan TBH